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September 19, 2017

Why Do Retailers Love Selling Vinrella?

This month at Vinrella, we reached out to some of our amazing retailers to see what they had to say about carrying our fun umbrellas in their stores. How do they notice their customers reacting when they see the product? What keeps them coming back to reorder from Vinrella?

Vinrella Umbrella Retail Display Units for Wine Bottle Umbrellas

The Chocolate Goat Gift Shop

Lafayette, New Jersey

"Both our customers and employees love Vinrella because it is such a unique and functional gift! Customers always exclaim that they have never seen Vinrella before and are excited to give such a different gift that cannot be found in big box stores. We tend to sell multiples at a time because people love the designs and uniqueness."

—Stephanie Austin


The Best Kept Secret

Merrick, NY
"I love everything about the Vinrella umbrella. I put the display front and center in my traveling boutique, and it brings customers into my store. I love the wine bottle container and that the umbrella goes back inside when its wet to keep whatever you are putting it in dry. I put the umbrella into a wine bottle bag, and this makes for a great novelty gift. The umbrella is very durable and makes for a great conversational piece."

—Sheri Bleiwas


The Boathouse

Orlando, FL
"Our guests love Vinrella. When they look at the products, there are two concepts they love the most—the wine label design and the seaside design with the anchor. They are elated when they realize that it’s an umbrella. It’s a clever product. They like the fact that it’s different. They like the fact that when it’s wet you can just put it back into your bag and nothing gets wet."

—Rae Olson


Roux Royale 

New Orleans, LA
"It’s a go-to product when people come into the store they say “Oh look, it’s a wine bottle then realize it’s an umbrella.” It’s a pleasant surprise. They say this would be a perfect gift for anyone (men, women, etc.) We thought they would be more popular for holidays, but we ended up selling them year round."

—Michele Spansel


Latitude 33 Shop California

Latitude 33

Catalina Island, CA
"Vinrella umbrellas are a compact and stylish way to carry around an umbrella. Ever since we got them in the store, doesn't matter rain or shine, customers absolutely love them. They are definitely a 'top shelf umbrella'."

—Tyler Lane

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