Umbrella and a Burger

August 02, 2014

We’ve written about numerous topics but we have never focused on food, glorious food. Our Art Director, Nicole Hammonds, blogs about her favorite hamburgers and has become quite the urban connoisseur on this American favorite. So, we thought it would be fun to share Nicole’s top picks as well as some of our friends, co-workers, and family’s top choices.

According to Nicole, there are a number of things that make a great burger:
1.  The Meat
2.  The Bun
3.  The Toppings
4.  Meat/Bun/Topping Ratio
5. Overall Meal Satisfaction

With this in mind, the results are in from some different parts of the US:

Chicago Nicole’s current top pick is Red Door. This burger nails every aspect of the primo-burger. The outdoor patio is hip and fun, surrounded by an urban garden.
Vinrell-ability: 80%. Chicago has been extra rainy and chilly this summer. And this place is outside, so you will more than likely need to bring your Vinrella umbrella.

Houston Vinrella owner, Sheri Hammonds, loves the burger at The Corner Table. This is a local urban place with a great vibe. The burgers are always fresh with a killer bun, and meat/bun ratio is excellent.
Vinrell-ability: 60%. Houston does get some rain showers, so just be safe and say yes to the umbrella.

Miami Don’t miss Hillstone, Rok:Brgr and Shake Shack (South Beach). All are equally mind blowing burgers.
Vinrell-ability: 50%. Florida is definitely susceptible to rain showers. They also have hurricanes there. Pack the umbrella.

Los Angeles Lots of great burgers here, LA loves its burgers.  Top choices are Golden State, Umami, The Counter, Burger Lounge and Short Order.
Vinrell-ability: 10%. This place is pretty special in that it's not too rainy but there is sun, so you will probably need an umbrella shield.

Kansas City Blanc Burgers wins here with gourmet toppings prepared to perfection and buns taste bakery fresh.
Vinrell-ability: 60%. It's the midwest. I would say you need an umbrella...

Moral of the burger story?

Bring your Vinrella to any restaurant and stay dry. It's a great conversation piece, so even if it doesn't rain? You won't regret taking it with you.

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